Food is Life.

Food is my passion.


The preparation of a fancy and delicious meal and enjoying it with others is part of my Lifestyle.

Personal Chef

You love throwing dinner parties and being the host of the most extravagant events, but you are tired of slaving away in the kitchen and hence forward missing out on all the exciting and stimulating conversations being held and the funny and hilarious jokes being made?

Why don’t treat yourself to a well-deserved time out and enjoy the party right there with your guest?

Still, you do not want your friends to miss out on all the delicious food and fancy drinks – that’s where I come in.

Let me take care of everything the heart (and the stomach) desires. Concerning the food and the drinks you can trust me with the planning, the arranging, the preparing, and the serving. I will make sure that none of your culinary dreams will stay unfulfilled.

Company Events

Turn your company events and your team building seminars into something special. Whether you just want to enjoy delicious food or take part in the cooking process and learn something while at it
– I am your guy.

I am ready to fulfil all your culinary wishes and prepare the dishes you desire.

I am looking forward to your call at 079 754 52 18 or just send me an email at

You can also fill out the contact sheet on my website.