Food is Life.

Food is my passion.


The preparation of a fancy and delicious meal and enjoying it with others is part of my Lifestyle.

You are in search of a culinary adventure? Then I am your guy.

I would like to spoil you with everything your heart (and your stomach) desires and I want you to
experience your dream dinner in the best possible way

Personal chef

You do not want to miss out on your own party because you must slave away in the kitchen, don’t you?
While your guests are enjoying themselves, as a good host, you should be amongst them. You can leave everything concerning the food, the planning, and the preparation of each course to me and join your friends at the dinner table. That is the best and the only way to really enjoy your night and your meal.


About me

Not only am I a passionate cook and people pleaser, I am also an enthusiastic culinary lover and an artist in the kitchen. Find out more about me and how my love for great food turned into an amazing job.


Verardi Food Studio

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